Filter Digital

Filter Digital focuses on the digital marketing & design landscape. The main focus is building deep subject matter expertise, offer services that meet the ever-changing needs of the world's biggest and most progressive brands, and react quickly and nimbly when things change. As a UX Designer and Prototyper my role included designing and building rapid prototypes for some of Filters major clients. I was also responsible for defining the User Expereince for future integration into other forms of media.

The Challenges

We were tasked with designing a complete end-to-end experience. The clients needed assistance in conceptualizing and executing an end-to-end experience that would best showcase its hardware in a presentation setting. They also needed a seperate experience to showcase to individuals where the experience was more organic. In addition we had to step outside of traditional UI practices to minimize any chance of mistakes in presentation on the client side.

The Solutions

We designed a control system that allowed for a default step-by-step demo option and a "full-function" option. This experience let the user showcase its application in a linear fashion in front of an audience. The user was also able to customize the linear experience It also allowed for a more organic demo option where where the demo setting was more personal and was being to a single user.

The Process

  • Meet with client
  • Gather requirements
  • Define Experience
  • Design high fidelity mocks
  • Client review
  • Build Prototype

My Role

UX Designer, Prototyper.


Sketch, inVision, Principle

User Interface of mobile Market application User Interface of desktop Market application CWI Coupon App UI first three screens CWI Coupon App UI last two screens